What We Do

What To Shop at Deer Pencil ?

Primarily, Deer started by manufacturing pencil but now it has a whole range to offer its clients. From wood-cased black lead pencils and color pencils to paints and geometry boxes, stationery products can never go out of stock at Deer.

Here are the following products that you can shop at Deer:


  • ->  Wood cased black lead and color pencils
  • -> Color Pencils and Sharpeners
  • -> Scale/Rulers
  • -> Fiber Tip Markers and Cut Markers
  • -> Permanent Markers and White Board Markers
  • -> Highlighters and Glue Sticks
  • -> Correction Pens and Fountain Pens
  • -> Ball Pens and Pointers
  • -> Water Colors, Inks and Poster Colors
  • -> Modeling Clay
  • -> Mathematical Instruments


DeerPencil came up with the most amazing product collections for you.  Contact Us for more details.